Sunday, 100̊F, The West Side, in NYC. We were
scouting for locations for a fashion shoot, it was
miserably HOT.
Well, this is the famous, Hannibal, he was always so patient
with us even when things were, should I say, not so comfortable.
Just about all the shots I ever did for “Cosmopolitan Magazine”
were taken above the models knees so you rarely ever saw
Hannibal in the shot, but he was always there, laying at the feet
of the models during the shooting. No matter where he was
when the shoot started as soon as the strobe lights began flashing
he would come to the set and lay at the model’s feet. At first
everyone would be shocked, but the models always had fun
with him. He was always with us, through the hard times and the
best of times. Oh!, he met the movie star Charles Bronson one
night while we were walking down 32nd St at the corner of Lexington,
it was a moment to remember.
We also were very fortunate to get some assignments in National Parks.
Thank God for such a wonderful Life, then and NOW and for my
wonderful wife, Carol Jo, talking about having patience with me
and loving me, OMG! Without Carol Jo, my Life would not have been possible.
My Life, just what I asked for and so much more.